Team & Tools

Lost Dreams is a game made in Unity using C# in 7 days for Brackeys 2022 Game Jam. We had a team of 10 people total.

Level & Game Design:

  • Niki Dragon


  • Mony Dragon
  • Zachary Krizo
  • Sholahuddin
  • Patrick Moffett


  • Amysaurus
  • Stephanie Be
  • Magnus Vir


  • Music: Dan Barnett
  • SFX: Wiktor Sienkiewicz


Lost Dreams is a game about Blue, a chef whose ideas were stolen and their ambitions crushed. They suddenly find themselves lost in a fantasy world in their dreams with their dog Biscuit by their side. Can Blue find happiness again?


Lost Dreams is an adventure game. You have to stay alive by eating food, while fighting off enemies to make it to the end of each level.


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My Responsibilities

Mony acted as our lead programmer, and Niki as our Lead Designer. I worked as a programmer to implement the design of the game

Programming Elements I handled

  • Combat: Created the attack functionality for the player and all the monsters
  • Enemy Navigation: Utilized Astar package to create Enemy Navigation
  • Enemy AI: Created enemy behaviors
  • Enemy Spawners: Created spawners that could be placed into the level to spawn enemies. Utilized gizmos to give appropriate information to designers on where enemies would spawn.
  • Boss Fight:: Wrote a script for a modular boss fight that could have different types of enemies spawn between rounds of fighting the boss.
  • Music:: Created the Background Music Manager to play the music, and allow dynamic switching of songs for different scenes and events
  • SFX: Implemented all of the SFX for the game
  • Sound Manager: Created a Sound Manager to allow adjusting the volume of the music and the SFX from the menu.

Future Plans

I hope to return to this project and add some finishing touches that we didn't have time for during the jam, such as:

  • Improve the combat further
  • Clear up some space in the levels to allow more room for the enemies to navigate
  • Fix some of the small bugs that made it into the game

Gameplay Video