Team & Tools

Cerulean Defenders is a game I am solo developing using Unreal Engine. I used a mix of both C++ and Blueprint for this project.


Cerulean Defenders is a Multiplayer Rogue-Lite. Concept is akin to Heroes of Hammerwatch and Gunfire Reborn.


Below is a list of major elements I worked with and programmed during development of this game.

Programming Elements I handled

  • Animations: Setup all animations in Unreal including blends, montages, anim slots, and animation graphs
  • Enemy AI: Created enemy behaviors using Unreal's Blackboards
  • Online Subsystem: Worked with Unreal's OnlineSubsystem to setup multiplayer lobbies, as well as steam multiplayer features.
  • Items: Created a Subsystem to manage spawning items from a datatable for players to ensure that players don't receive duplicate items during a run.
  • Save Subsystem: Created a subsystem to manage saving and loading the player's characters.
  • Gameplay Ability System: Utilized the gameplay ability system plugin to create the combat system.
  • Replication and RPCs: Utilized Unreal's replications and RPCs to create multiplayer functionality

Future Plans

This project is currently unfinished. In the future I plan to do the following:

  • Create more enemies, and better enemy AI
  • Create boss fights
  • Create more items and abilities
  • Fully implement experience and character levels (Framework already in place).
  • Fully implement lobby area including creating vendors to sell players upgrades to their character
  • Improve UI elements with art assets
  • and hopefully much more.

Gameplay Video